I met Crisanto Walli in Canada in 2010. To be exact we know each other more than 12 years.Since then we’ve been good friends. Crisanto is very simple person. He is very nice, kind, helpful and generous person. I admire him because he is a person who is very resourceful in life. He always finds something to make his life good without asking anybody’s help. He can stand his own. And now he is already an Author and a Businessman and I’m so proud of him. And I’m so lucky because I learn lots of things to him. He’s sharing his knowledge on how to make our life good and easy. To my friend Crisanto, keep up the good work! Cheers for your success! To God Be the Glory Myra Zamora

I’ve known Crisanto for many years now. When I first met him, I could immediately see that he is a self-driven individual with a proven success. I have always known him to be ambitious and a highly motivated person, whenever I seen him, he never stops to encourage me to be optimistic. He never stopped reaching for his goals in life and never quit no matter how much hardship and struggles he encounters. He is always willing to volunteer in our small organization projects with open heart and never regret it. I’ve known him to be dependable and responsible person. He is always passionate about his duties and treated them with seriousness. Caren William

It was 2009 October, when we meet Crisanto Walli here in town of lac la Biche, Alberta, Canada. He was working at that time at one of the very well-known Construction Company. My First impression to him as a friend was very quiet guy and observant to people surround him. And also, he is so friendly and polite to every people who are always talked too. Lastly, he has a positive attitude that he always carried wherever he goes.

About the characteristic of Crisanto Walli , He Is Direct, He Has Integrity, He Is Mature, He Is Self-Confident, He Has a Positive Attitude and helpful and kind to his fellowmen. Being a friend of Cris for almost 14 years, I really admired his talents, his characters and he has his own principles in life. And those talents, he is very willing to share to the people who are very sincere and willing to change their life style. For me, I learned a lots of advices from Crisanto Walli. One of the lines that I can’t forget that Crisanto gave to me is: Don’t be scared to try to do in small things, even when you fall, stand up, rise up and let those negative things make foundation into your ambitions. Continue to be humble because Humility the prize is Victory.

Severina Mejias Hortaleza

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